SUNWE POOLS specializes in water filtration systems (using copper / silver ionization disinfection equipment) that are catered for schools, hospitals, restaurants, swimming pools, water fountains, agricultural lands, cooling towers and even for reservoir tanks (both commercial and residential).


  • Prevent lime scale and micro-organism growth
  • Eliminate algae growth
  • 100% chemical free
  • PH Balance
  • Chlorine free
  • Minimal maintenance cost

Stainless Steel Modular Swimming Pool

MAM is using new stainless steel modular structure to build a swimming pool


Compare to the traditional swimming pool building technology, stainless steel modular swimming pool structure is able to build anywhere and the maintenance fee is relatively low.

 PVC is using in swimming pool industry for many years, being the waterproofing material it’s resistant to UV degradation and Chemical agent. And compare to traditional swimming pool it’s pleasing and beautiful.

Hard PVC membrane is laminated on the stainless steel during the manufacturing process.
By the unique installation process the waterproofing of the swimming pool is ensured and the reinforce PVC mambrane is used for waterproofing for the pool floor.

 MAM acquire high standard of stainless steel to ensure the mechanical strength of all the component and swimming pool structure is strong and steady.

By using this modular technology it is able to eliminate the needs of welding panels and lower down the risk of corrosion. Also thanks to this technology the installation work is able to be more efficient and shorten the installation time.