Automatic meter readings (AMR/AMI)

As a water and energy provider you need a flexible solution for remotely reading consumption meters that is tailored to your precise needs. Whether you are interested in a mobile meter reading solution (Automatic Meter Reading – AMR), a high-performance communications network (Advanced Metering Infrastructure – AMI), or a combination of the two, we can assist you with a wide range of communication solutions.

For more than 20 years, Diehl Metering, a technology leader in AMR/AMI, has been using its IZAR RADIO technology to reliably gather data from a wide range of meters in the field and transmit this data to its IZAR software platform. In this way, our solutions realize a continuous data stream – from the measuring device to monitoring, data management and analysis. Obtain accurate reading date values, for example on moving in/out dates, simply and efficiently via mobile readings or a Fixed Network.

In the spirit of multi utility providers, Diehl Metering solutions allow you to read water, thermal energy, gas and electricity meters across all sectors via the same infrastructure. This reduces your costs per metering point and increases overall efficiency.



HYDRUS is a static water meter based on the ultrasonic technology. This technology enables accurate calculation of water consumption and eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles or air pockets.

Long-term stability under difficult conditions
Leak and pipe burst detection
MID approval up to R=400 (cold water) and R=160 (hot water)
No straight line required
No measurement of air
Insensitive to scale and sand
Installation in any position
Battery lifetime up to 16 years
Available in cold water version and hot water version
Available with integrated radio 434 or 868 MHz, M-Bus or pulse
Data communication in Prios, Real data or Open Metering protocol (selectable OMS Generation 3 profile A or OMS Generation 4 profile B)



HYDRUS 2.0 BULK is a static water meter operating on ultrasonic measuring technology. This technology enables accurate calculation of water consumption with long-term stability and eliminates measuring deviations caused by sand, suspended particles, scale or air pockets. Moreover it does not require any earthing.
Developed within the framework of the MID, HYDRUS 2.0 BULK complies with the European regulations and holds sanitary conformity certificates (ACS, WRAS, KTW/W270 and others).
Its integrated radio enables remote reading of the meter’s index and alarms both in mobile (walk-by, drive-by, passive drive-by) and fixed network mode.
HYDRUS 2.0 BULK offers a wide choice of connectivities compatible with the different IZAR reading modes.
A complete Diehl Metering solution is thus available to meet your needs.

The HYDRUS 2.0 BULK saves 512 consumption values daily . This data can be read locally and accessed only by using the IZAR@MOBILE 2. As a second logging, a small amount of 32 monthly consumption values can be stored. Both the radio protocol and the optical interface are encrypted by default.

  • DN 50 to 200
  • MID approval up to R=1,000
  • IP 68
  • Wireless M-Bus radio, Wireless M-Bus radio/Pulse, Wired M-Bus/Pulse/Pulse, Wireless M-Bus radio/L-Bus/Pulse, IZAR BE PULSE compatible
  • Display with alarm codes including leakage detection, radio on and error codes
  • Self-monitoring function
  • Battery lifetime up to 16 years



WESAN WP G is a bulk water meter designed for measuring volumes of cold water (up to 50°C) in supply lines with high flow at low pressure loss.Modular, WESAN WP G DN50 to DN300 can be fitted at any time with an IZAR clip-on module converting it into a communicating meter ready for mobile or fixed network (radio/wired) reading.The measuring chamber can be replaced without removing the meter from the pipe.

DN50/65/80/100/125/150/200/250/300Q3=40m3/h (DN50) / Q3=63m3/h (DN65) / Q3=100m3/h (DN80) / Q3=160m3/h (DN100/125) / Q3=250m3/h (DN150/200) / Q3=1,000m3/h (DN250) / Q3=1,600m3/h (DN300)MID approval up to R=100For horizontal and vertical installationCalibratable and exchangeable measuring insertSealed measuring insert for better accuracyEncapsulated and rotating glass/copper register, IP 68Hydraulic bearing reliefProtection against magnetic fraud


    Maximum flexibility with the Diehl Metering solutions portfolio 

    Together with you, we develop the optimum solution to meet your needs – With Diehl Metering, water and energy suppliers have maximum flexibility in their choice of solution: as well as our own IZAR radio fixed network solution, networks based on NB-IoT, LoRaWAN® or other communication technology – or a smart combination – can be used for fully automatic consumption data collection.

    Software & system components

    The latest generation of Diehl Metering IZAR radio technology stands for optimised coverage with the highest data quality. With a 100% efficiency rate, all meters within the network can be read reliably at any time and as often as is appropriate.


    Benefit from the complete connectivity solution
    The IZAR System provides wireless and wired communication to the M-Bus Standard EN 13757 and the Open Metering Standard allowing interoperability and media independence. For more than 20 years the IZAR radio communication technology stands out with its excellent coverage and strong performance. The complete connectivity solution of Diehl Metering enables outstanding data granularity and data timeliness.